Starting a podcast can be daunting

Apart from the fact that most people who want to start a podcast never actually take that first step, over 80% of those that do never make it past their 10th episode.

That's a sad but true fact*. Starting a podcast is (heaven knows!) difficult enough, but keeping a podcast going can be so much harder. Take the stress and the unknowns out of the process by joining the Speak Up Collective Podcasting Academy.

We'll take you step-by-step through the whole process from choosing a name to getting your podcast into directories around the world, from finding guests to making money and putting together a media kit.

Join our easy to follow yet in-depth Academy and get the support you need to kickstart your podcasting career.

Don't waste any more time thinking about it and being confused, join today!


What The Academy Gives You

Starting a podcast is a detailed process that can be overwhelming and off putting.

We know this from experience!

The Academy is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of starting - and running - a successful podcast from figuring out what your podcast will be about to launching it.

We do this by...

  • Putting everything you need to know in an easy-to-follow, logical order

  • Allowing you to avoid having to go through every step and letting you skip straight to the information you want

  • Recognising that each of us wants to go at our own pace

  • Giving you six months' access to the Academy and its groups to give you the support you need

  • Allowing you to extend your membership or upgrade at any time

  • Giving you the support you need through weekly Q&A sessions (Black & Diamond Mic only)

  • Giving you access to a closed community of other people from around the world who are also just starting their podcasting careers


Why people love Speak Up Collective

“I was really stuck with my podcast, then I discovered Karen and Speak Up Collective... if you guys are wanting to start a podcast, I highly recommend reaching out to Karen. She is amazing. She is just a massive bowl of laughter and fun. I highly recommend her.”

Elly Hendricks, The Passionate Proof Podcast

“I recently hired the divine Karen O'Connor from Speak Up Collective, and I just have to say that my whole experience from the start to the finish was absolutely magical. I got a step-by-step process and I went from overwhelm to being one of the easiest things I've done.”

Leisa Nadler, The Art Of Quantum Healing

“I've just been listening to my podcast and I'm really pleased with it! You are a great interviewer, really you are. You ask the right questions at the right time and you made the process really easy. Thank you so much.”

Gail Tagarro, The Book Writing Coach

“I’ve been interviewed on a good number of podcasts, but this one was unbelievable. The interview was truly an experience to remember, because the depth of conversation is extraordinary. I recommend this podcast to anyone.”

Dr Thomas Jordan, Clinical Psychologist, Love Life Learning Center

“Karen is an amazing interviewer. Straight away she made me feel at ease and kept the whole process light. Her questions showed that she was prepared and kept a great flow going throughout the whole podcast. I loved that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say and was totally engaged throughout.”

Marc Nuss, Destiny Rescue

Your Podcasting Instructor

Karen O'Connor

Founder, Podcaster, Blogger, Author

Prior to starting her podcast, Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood, Karen hosted several successful blogs, wrote two books and was a guest contributor to a number of magazines. To date, Karen has published over 130 podcast episodes, more than 60 videos and interviewed over 100 guests. She has four children, an experience that gives her a wealth of experience in communicating information in a clear, concise way!